Lynn Jaanz abstract colourist

Lynn’s art explores the human condition and the complexities of living

The use of colours, curves, crosses portrays the different journeys mankind takes in search of meaning and peace.

The busyness of some works strongly depicts the myriad of experiences and emotions on the journey through this life.
“Man is searching for meaning, searching for hope, searching for love, searching for significance in his perpetual state of confusion.

The art gives hope and finality that there is always a higher force, higher light that is a light in the dark.

The works are full of symbolism of peace, nature and light depicted by greenery and her trademark birds.

The works depict the eventual triumph and glory of the human condition.

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Permanently exhibited at York Street Art Gallery: Level 1 ,216 York Street, South Melbourne

Temporarily opens by appointment only.  Email: lynnjaanz@jaanz.com.au