Monthly archives:May 2014

  • Beautiful Heart

  • Beautiful Heart   Beautiful heart is about the potential of mankind to truly be beautiful .   Only when we truly love can we reach our full potential as a planet and species .   The heavens look down as man endeavours to work out its problems and issues .   Imagine a world wi[...]
  • Flight to Utopia

  • Flight to Utopia   The bird represents the triumph of the human spirit as it struggles and breaks through the layers of life becoming more and more beautiful as it flies towards eutopia . The layers represent the pain , tragedy , heartache and challenges of being human . Eventhough the bird flies in a [...]
  • The Wave

  • The wave is an abstract work that depicts the journey of life .   Like a wave we come to the shore of life and like a wave we depart . The colors reflect the myriad of emotions and experiences along the way . We are swept away by love , loss , tragedy and triumph . Wave represents the power of a dre[...]
  • Twins

  • Twins represents the constant opposites or opposing forces in the human condition. It reflects the tragedy and triumph of the human heart. As humans we wake up not knowing what the day will bring. We are constantly faced with peaks and troughs, waves of euphoria and sometimes heartbreak and sadness.Hence the art work i[...]