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Prophetic Art

Curves, Crosses & Glory


Lynn Jaanz brings a unique and fresh approach to “abstract”

Her work has underlying interpretations of spirituality and perception of ‘a higher power’ which jumps off the canvas and touches the viewer. Art has always been part of Lynn’s life, growing up in Victoria most of her youth was surrounded by nature, beauty and artistic inspirations.

For several years Lynn has worked as a singing coach and professional singer. In her life she has battled chronic illness, which has drawn her to the world of the supernatural and spirituality.  This is evident in many of Lynn’s works, as evident in the power, beauty and majesty of her search for life’s meaning. Lynn has tapped into a truly unique style of “curves, crosses and glory.”

Lynn has currently sold pieces of her work privately and has had exhibitions at:

  • Ormond Hall 2004 -2010 twice a year
  • Eureka Towers Melbourne
  • Flynn’s Gallery Broadbeach Queensland
  • Duke’s Gallery representation Docklands Melbourne
  • The Melton Art Show & Chapel on Station Gallery
  • Showing of work in 2010 -2013 Box Hill Featured Artist Christmas and Easter
  • 2013, Pigment Gallery Nicholas Building, Lynn work also has been selling internationally private sales. (Traveling the world)
  • Exhibited works ACAF Gallery Chapel st Christmas Exhitition 2013
  • Sole exhibition Smartz Gallery, South Melbourne2014
  • 7 pages article on Artist Pallete art magazine
  • Italian newspaper 2015
  • Galleria TV Utube interview 2001
  • Featured Australia newspaper Melbourne observer
  • Exhibited The other Art Fair Sydney 2015
  • Exhibited Italy, 2015
  • Exhibiting work York Street Art Gallery 2016
  • Book/Art coming 2017 Published in America
  • Professional Artist with regular art collector buyers.


“Lynn Jaanz has a hand that could paint the essence of life itself. The clarity, point of view, and attention to detail is something you get when you are in the presence of greatness, and greatness is something not easily lost in the Jaanz family.”

Warmest regards,

Harrison Craig


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