Twins represents the constant opposites or opposing forces in the human condition. It reflects the tragedy and triumph of the human heart. As humans we wake up not knowing what the day will bring. We are constantly faced with peaks and troughs, waves of euphoria and sometimes heartbreak and sadness.Hence the art work is full of colour, waves and movement of the piece. Some observers have remarked that twins aptly reflect the unpredictability and craziness of their own lives. As no twin is identical, the two distinct images on the work reflect the complexity of creation and how creation no matter how much the same oozes unique traits. Twins also reflects the state of the world…where in one part of the world we can have so much and in another part be starving and destitute. It is the irony of ironies, the contradiction of contradictions. Looking at twins from left to right takes the viewer on the journey from birth to our eventual death, like racing through a speeding tunnel; the tunnel called “life”. The use of colours is erratic, speedy, busy, tumultuous and somewhat manic. The strokes are varied, curators, dramatic and poignant. Twins represents a masterpiece in the business of living and the uncertainty of life. It also reflects how we have many ‘twin’ choices in life and how so often the wrong choice may lead to disappointment and heartache. The work also reflects the business of life where in a moment life has indeed passed. The piece reflects the grandeur of love a repressed sexuality and extravagant hope for better things to come. Finally the piece reflects the final ironic victory in death as we finish the race of life with our final breath.


  1. by Evie Hounslow on October 10, 2011  5:25 am


    Its so wonderful and exciting to see you expressing your creativity and art in this way- I love it:)


    How are things with you and David?

    I would love to catch up with you when I am next visiting Melbourne,

    Lots of Love


  2. by Anne Ioannou on November 9, 2011  9:40 pm

    So proud of you sis... Great picture the way you express yourself through art is
    inspiring... You have challenged those around us
    to believe that with God inspiration comes..

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